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Empowering women through awareness, education, violence prevention and self-defense techniques.

Welcome to My Body...My Life...

Welcome to the women’s empowerment program we call My Body…My Life… This program uses a multi-disciplinary approach to create a stronger awareness in your life, address violence in its many forms and empower you to remove yourself from harm. The full program addresses awareness, empowerment, relationships, self-esteem, abuse, alcohol, drugs, internet and texting, as well as physical self-defense techniques. My Body…My Life… uses simple visual, physical and auditory aids to help support increased understanding, development and retention with the audience; such as ‘intoxication’ goggles, experiential stories, videos, role playing and more. The author and developers of the program have presented My Body…My Life… to hundreds of organizations, schools, businesses and conferences throughout Oklahoma. We believe that we have positively affected the lives of thousands of women in Oklahoma who have taken or viewed our program.

My Body…My Life… is both fun and educational. We use personal stories, humor, practice and experience to help women develop self-esteem, boundary setting, build skills to recognize unsafe relationships, unsafe situations and provide the tools to protect your body and your life. This is not a kickboxing class or martial arts class. We address the myriad of psychological and physical aspects surrounding violence against women, not just train women how to fight. We do this training in a variety of venues, ranging from school classrooms to public auditoriums. The full program ranges from six to twelve hours, depending upon the depth of instruction and the target audience of the program, while short presentations about the program range from thirty minutes to three hours. The author and developers of this program have over sixty years of combined experience in public speaking, through a variety of educational, vocational and professional venues, as well as through presenting this program in its many forms to schools, universities, professional organizations, civic organizations, businesses and government entities.

We have created and developed this program through our passion and our desire to provide women of all ages an appropriate set of tools to reduce the risk of violence against them. We love what we do and we enjoy helping others, especially when we are working with so many fine organizations and individuals who share our desire to combat the issues surrounding violence against women. Please take the time to view the information in our website and send us any comments or questions you might have about our program, our website or our continued work to end violence against women.

My Body...My Life...

My Body…My Life… is an evidence based program that displays promising practice in the prevention of violence against women ages 13 to 93. The program is very unique in its presentation, utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach to a very sensitive and difficult topic. The focus of the program is to provide a multitude of tools that a woman could use to empower her to reduce the risk of violence and sexual assault. We utilize humor, multimedia, interactive role playing, true life stories and a variety of other modalities to present the program and help address the variety of issues that encompass violence against women. This program was developed over the past 20 years by police officers and educators, with backgrounds in defensive tactics, martial arts, psychology, teaching, administration and their own education and life experiences.

The symbol we use for the program is the Celtic symbol for father and daughter. The author and the developers of the program each have three daughters. This continues to be our motivation for the development, presentation and production of My Body...My Life...

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