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Empowering women through awareness, education, violence prevention and self-defense techniques.

Instructor Schools...

The Instructor School for the My Body…My Life… program is designed to teach law enforcement professionals, rape prevention specialists and counselors the appropriate methods, tools and modalities used to present this program to women of all ages, from 13 to 93. These instructor schools are usually presented through the assistance, cooperation and acknowledgement of the Norman Police Department, though some organizations have requested and received the training directly from the developers of the program. We have held three instructor schools in the past year, with three more requests for the instructor schools in near future. If you are interested in hosting an instructor school, or having one in your area, please contact the Norman Police Department or contact our developers for more information.

The instructor school course is a total of 24 hours of training. The 24 hours of instruction are performed over three days in a classroom setting. My Body…My Life… provides Instructor Manuals and Workbooks to aid the student in learning, understanding and retaining the program. These books also provide the new instructor with patterns, models and examples in presenting the program to others. The first day of the instructor school begins with an introduction of the program, the instructors and the students. A full presentation of My Body...My Life... by one or more of the developers of the program will complete the first day. The second day of training encompasses an in-depth review of the presentation of the program. Topics covered on the second day of instruction include differing modalities and venues involved in the presentation, review of each module in the program, methods and techniques utilized to increase the learning and retention of the students, team approaches to instruction, difficulties faced when presenting the program and identifying and appropriately responding to student reactions to the material presented. The third day of instruction involves the students presenting different modules of the program to the class, with the students being graded on their presentations by both the instructor and the other students in the course. We utilize both pre-tests and post-tests, as well as graded presentations, to assess the ability and success of the students participating in the instructor course.

Only the author and developers of My Body…My Life…can certify new instructors for the My Body…My Life… program. Students who successfully complete the school will receive a numbered certificate of completion and are authorized to present and instruct My Body...My Life... to women in their community, within the parameters set by the author and developers of the My Body...My Life... program.

Instructor courses for the REAL Men program will begin when that program is fully developed and published.

Certified Instructors...

Officer Glenda Vassar, Norman Police Department

Officer Bobby Owens, Norman Police Department

Sergeant Debra Harris, Norman Police Department

Officer Shana McKee, Tuttle Police Department

Shelly Collins, Prevention Coordinator, Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Mitzi Pope, Youth Advocate, Muscogee (Creek) Nation

Tena Dominguez, SARC Program Assistant, Vance Air Force Base

Micah Lenamond, USAF, Vance Air Force Base

Nicholas Galbraith, USAF, Vance Air Force Base

Jonathan Kindel, USN, Vance Air Force Base

Darla Cole, Advocate, Safenet Services

Marilyn McClelland, Advocate, Seneca-Cayuga Tribe

Sylvia Starr, Prevention Specialist, Family Crisis and Counseling Center, Inc.

Many more instructors are currently completing the requirements for full certification!

YOU could be the next certified instructor for My Body...My Life...!

Contact us for more information about the instructor school, the current list of certified instructors or information about presenting, teaching or instructing My Body...My Life... for your organization, business or group!