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Empowering women through awareness, education, violence prevention and self-defense techniques.

All About Our Program...

My Body…My Life… is an educational empowerment program taught by law enforcement officers, rape prevention specialists and counselors to women in schools, colleges, universities, civic groups, church groups, businesses and organizations within the community. The program is proactive, multi-disciplinary and evidence-based in risk reduction techniques and issues surrounding violence against women. The program is designed to help empower women through awareness, education, violence prevention, risk reduction and appropriate self-defense techniques. This program was developed by officers and educators through partnerships within the community and the state to develop positive and proactive responses to the myriad of issues associated with violence against women.

The curriculum of My Body…My Life… is divided into ten working modules, with instruction of each module lasting from thirty to sixty minutes. The modular structure of the program allows the instruction to be adaptable to the needs and schedules of the group requesting the program, the environment provided for the program and the instructor and organization presenting the program. The modules can be taught as a single group, in one day, or in hourly increments across several days or even weeks. The program is flexible in its presentation and encourages collaboration between the instructor and the requesting organization to develop a partnership to identify, assess and address specific problems facing women. This partnership increases the ability of the instructor to address those problems and concerns more appropriately and with a greater level of success. The individual modules and topics can also be taught in a stand alone format, allowing short instruction at the request of schools, groups and organizations in the community.

My Body... My Life... Is the title of our program. The title describes what we want to facilitate and increase; the ability of every woman of every age to protect her body and her life. Our program is currently taught in every middle school and high school in Norman, Oklahoma. This encompasses two separate school districts, two private schools and the Moore-Norman Technology Center. Norman Police Officers teach this program in our public schools throughout the school year, on a continuous basis. Our officers also teach to sororities and student groups from the University of Oklahoma, women's organizations, clubs, church groups and businesses in Norman, Oklahoma. Our certified instructors teach this program to a myriad of women across Oklahoma, from middle school and high school students to adult women in government, businesses, church groups, civic organizations and even to military personnel. The author and developers of this program have presented My Body…My Life… to hundreds of different organizations, schools, businesses and conferences throughout Oklahoma. We believe that we have positively affected the lives of thousands of women across Oklahoma who have viewed our program or presentations. Thank you for your interest in our program. We hope to see you in a class soon!

What Participants Say About My Body...My Life...

Whenever we present our full program to women, we request that they let us know about their experiences in the class through the use of an evaluation form. We never ask for the names of the students, to allow them the anonymity to write what they truly believe. We have separated these endorsements by identifying only the group types that provided them to us. Students are the women who have actually taken the class and participated fully in its presentations. Professionals are the police officers, licensed counselors, nurses, doctors, rape and violence prevention specialists, teachers, school counselors, media and school administrators who have observed or taken our classes. Feel free to view the student comments on this page and professional comments on the endorsements page. We are very proud of our record with all of these individuals, organizations, businesses and community partners. Thank you to all of the individuals and groups who have shared in our program and in our hearts!

We utilize a short five question evaluation. Four questions relate to the perceptions of the person to the class. The fifth question is a control question. In twenty years of presenting this program in its many forms, we have never received a negative response to the control question. We feel that this is one of the most powerful statements about the importance and acceptance of our program by the women who have experienced the dynamic presentations, interactions and education provided through this program.

What Students Say About My Body...My Life...

"I'm really glad I took this class. It was really great and I'll take it again next year. I think all girls should take this class. Thank you!"

"This class was my eye opener. I enjoyed learning how to defend myself."

"The officers were very nice and funny and made me realize not to be so gullible and not to believe everything guys tell you!"

"The instructors are funny, but they talk to us in a way that we can understand, especially things about relationships and even rape."

"I think the class is amazing and that you guys should keep this class going. You guys were a huge impact on my life. I thank you guys so much!!!"

"I am so happy that I took this class, I have learned a lot!"

"Expand the program. Please!"

"I am going to take this class every year, until I graduate!:)"

"If you add more instructors, make sure they are funny and goofy,  just like you all!"

"I am so grateful for the cops coming to teach us these things, because I have had friends raped and hurt. Having this class every year from 7th grade through college can help drop the number of rapes. I hope to see you guys again next year."

"You guys rock!!! Keep it up!"

"I think this program is really good for a lot of girls, especially girls whose moms don't teach them safety and common sense. My mom taught me a lot of the common sense stuff, but some of my friends are completely clueless."

"I would say keep this class going and NEVER, EVER, EVER stop doing this. Just keep up the good work!"

"It was a good class, and well taught, so that a majority of us could understand it and have fun doing it."

"Thank you for what you are doing. Rape affects too many women. I hope this class will change that."

When students were asked what they found most enjoyable about the class, students had this to say...

"I enjoy that I am able to walk down the street and feel safe because of this class"

"I learned how to defend myself, how to get away and what to do in a dangerous situation"

"I enjoy the fact that we interacted with each other, that you tell us real life stories and you are open with us."

"I enjoyed learning how to escape when someone tries to take me away, by using the stop, drop and flop technique. I also enjoyed the amount of knowledge I gained from real life situations."

"The demonstrations they showed us in order to defend ourselves."

"This class was important, but fun to learn, because of the way they taught it."

"I liked that I learned so much about myself, things that I will remember the rest of my life."

"I loved that we learned how to protect ourselves and learned some very important rules."

"I liked learning how to defend myself!"

"I liked EVERYTHING!!!"

"I liked learning to become aware of what can happen and how to protect myself."

"I liked the teachers and all the fun we had together."

"I liked the actual hands on stuff, the real life stories and the talk about boundaries."

"I really like the way you put things, so we can remember them."

When students were asked what they least liked about the class, students told us…

"There was nothing that was not outstanding."

"Nothing really, except that we met only once a week instead of twice a week."

"That we didn't have enough time."

"I loved all of it"

"The stories were hard to hear, but I feel like I'm glad we know what goes on in the world."

"The thing that i least enjoyed was the pain."

"There was not enough time."

"I don't know, it was all very entertaining and informative."

"I actually liked it a lot, except the pain pressure techniques."

"It could be an hour longer to allow people to repeat the techniques."

"It scared me, but I know how important it is to be aware."

"I loved the entire class, but I wish this program could be at my school in Oklahoma City, since that is where I am going to school next year. I loved ALL of the activities we did and all of the stories we heard."

"I wish it was longer. There is a lot of information presented in one day."

"I really, really don't like being hurt! I do understand why you guys do it, but it is not very pleasant."

The majority of responses from students for this question is "Nothing", they liked it all.

When students were asked if they would recommend this class to a friend, students had this to say...


"I would DEFINATELY recommend this class. It was SO fun and it really brought about a reality check that not everyone is a good person.""

"Yes! I want all of my female family members, friends and daughter to have this training."

"Yes, I definately would. I believe that this class can help millions, if people will take it."

"Yes, all of my female friends, family and co-workers."

"Yes. I want everyone to know how to protect themselves and keep themselves safe."

"Yes, it gets good points across and it is fun!"

"Yes I would, because every woman needs to know these things."

"Yes! I loved it and I want to take it again! Thank you!"

"Yes, I enjoyed it and learned from it."